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Kyosho 1/10 EP 2WD Ez-B R/S Axe T6 Green KYO34401T...


This is the Kyosho 1/10 EP 2WD Ez-B R/S Axe T6 Green. Spray dirt as you fly over bumps and jumps! Kyosho's knowledge in R/C buggy design accumulated over so many years has been applied to produce ..


Kyosho 1/10 EP 4WD Fazer Dirt Hog T2 KYO34351T2B


This is the 1/10 scale electric powered 4WD Fazer DirtHog T2 from Kyosho. Designed and built to deliver real off-road performance, the EP Fazer DirtHog is an electric buggy that is ready for actio..


Kyosho 1970 Dodge Charger Blue KYO34052T1B


This is the Kyosho 1970 Dodge Charger Blue. The arrival of the PureTen EP FAZER 4WD heralds a new era in 1/10 EP shaft-driven touring car category with its specially designed slim yet robust batht..


Kyosho Beetle 2014 Buggy Kit KYO30614B


This is the Kyosho Beetle 2014 Buggy Kit.The famous Kyosho Scorpion and Baja Beetle combined into one legendary off-road machine that became synonymous with electric buggy racing in the 1980’s; a ..


Kyosho Blizzard FR ReadySet All Terrain Snow Cat K...


The Kyosho Blizzard FR ReadySet all terrain snow cat is powered by two side-by-side motors, the transmission in the Blizzard delivers amazing power and free control so you can enjoy dominance..


Kyosho DBX VE 2.0 ReadySet KYO34201T2B


This is the 1/10 scale electric powered DBX VE 2.0 ReadySet from Kyosho. The convenience of 1/10 scale has mixed with powerful 1/8 scale performance levels in the DBX VE 2.0 and is now equipped wi..


Kyosho Dirt Hog T1 Yellow Fazer EP KYO34351T1B


This is the Kyosho EP Fazer Dirthog T1 in Yellow. Designed to produced never-seen-before levels of off-road performance, the EP Fazer Dirthog is an electric buggy that is primed and ready to take ..


Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat RTR ...


This is the Kyosho Fazer MK2 Dodge Challenger SRT 2015 HELLCAT 1/10 Scale Electric Powered 4WD Touring Car in Purple. For the pure enjoyment of R/C car driving, the combination of a beautifully re..


Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3 T1 KYO31889T1B


This is the Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3 T1 racing buggy.The TK13 is the most advanced version of the 1/8 INFERNO racing buggy. Performance that delivered an unrivalled record of 8 World Championship ..


Showing 1 to 9 of 25 (3 Pages)